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Scaffle is the only software that helps your team plan for and manage engagement.






Australian owned, and hosted cloud software. Built with security and privacy as a priority.

  • “I love how flexible it is, you’re not obliged to fill in everything, and you can mix and match

    • trial user, Department of Employment

    “I like the idea that you can get nudged along on a journey to consider different (and perhaps better) approaches”

    • trial user, Department Industry, Innovation and Science

  • “I like getting connected with peers who have been there done that, before”

    • trial user, Department of Employment

    Breaking down the silos is really beneficial - people are often doing similar work but don’t know or go looking”

    • trial user, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

  • “When I first started I heard all the document terms but didn’t understand, this makes it much easier to understand

    • trial user, Department Industry, Innovation and Science

    “I love being able to see what other people have done before”

    • trial user, Department of Employment

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Get started faster

Instant engagement plans for a tailored starting point
  • 1. Enter key details

    All of which you can change later

  • 2. Instant draft

    Immediately you have a starting point, complete with ideas for engagement activities

  • 3. Get creative!

    Edit right in the page, add activites, and export to MS Word

Coordinate within and between projects

Get visibility of stakeholder activity across your organisation as you plan

Collaborate with confidence

  • Invite collaborators and share plans
  • Use the gantt view to coordinate work during delivery
  • Assign and resolve comments to manage workflow
Learn as you work

Engagement planning can be overwhelming.
Scaffle Engage connects you to resources, tips, tricks, tools and providers.

Library of resources

Browse engagement techniques, tools, providers and content from our engagement planning book "Choose to Engage"

Cost estimates

Get estimate ranges to learn how much you could expect to pay for external help - so there are less surprises at procurement stages

Mixed media

Sometimes it helps to hear it from a human. Our learning content includes tips and case studies from expert providers

Work confidently

Customised templates guide staff in specific engagement scenarios
Templates demonstrate best practice
  • Find a similar project

    Browse hand-picked example plans

  • Get customising

    Tailor the plan your needs

Pre-populated sections
help users know what to include and where to look for resources or policies.

Start telling the story of your engagement work

Earn trust through engagement reporting
Build your whole organisation's capability by gaining visibility of your engagement activities.

Report on your engagement activities, spot patterns, and improve.